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A proud Montgomery County resident and public school parent, Mila is a champion for universal healthcare at the state level, for protecting a woman’s right to choose, preserving our precious environmental resources, and increasing funding for our public schools.

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Ok, so here's another law that needs to be repealed in Maryland. And a prosecutor who needs some training in sensitivity and prosecutorial discretion ASAP... #MDpolitics https://t.co/Elw0a5kOY2
@EricLuedtke That hearing is insane!
Wow! That's truly an impressive display! #ReformOnTap #MDpolitics #MDGA18 https://t.co/AJtk1ZF747
Yeah, well when the "adult" in question puts his loyalty to the NRA above his duty to prevent those same teens from getting slaughtered, what the hell does he expect? #NeverAgain cc: @sarahchad_ https://t.co/wNc6sayUZX
"More telling is that some of the same right-wingers who demand deep respect for gun culture have shown no scruples about trashing the kids." #gunsense #ExpectUs @MomsDemand https://t.co/L1z1U3svvV
Fabulous news! #mdga18 #mdpolitics https://t.co/8EtfydeGPc
I'm signing off right now, because I cannot continue to engage in conversations right now without losing my damn mind. I'm just so done with this dismissive, condescending bullshit from the NRA shill.
Indeed. They all but have called bullshit, flat out. I admire their restraint, because I would not be able to exercise that level of restraint/grace that they have demonstrated. No doubt in my mind that I would lose my damn shit. https://t.co/URxg9VUPRH
I am so g-ddamn furious, I can't even articulate my rage watching this debate. Rubio stood there and refused to commit to not taking anymore money from the NRA because "they were buying into his agenda" - which means his agenda is f-ing bullshit. #gunsense
You know what, I don't freaking care what @SenBillNelson or @senmarcorubio have to say about any of this. They have FAILED our children. Flat. Out. FAILED. I don't know how they even have the nerve to be on the stage with these survivours right now. #gunsense
This #Parkland student is a g-ddamn hero! Full stop.

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