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A proud Montgomery County resident and public school parent, Mila is a champion for universal healthcare at the state level, for protecting a woman’s right to choose, preserving our precious environmental resources, and increasing funding for our public schools.

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TFW you realise that driving straight from clinic escorting to your kid's middle school to drop off the field trip permission forms she forgot that MAYBE a t-shirt with a uterus flipping off the viewer *might* not be the most appropriate parental attire... #prochoice https://t.co/E1qvtVniKu
@Tom_Myers She's about 80-90 years too late... #WallisSimpson #BaltimoreGirl
I'm saddened beyond words to hear of the shooting at Santa Fe High School. How many more time will this have to happen before we realize that "thoughts & prayers" as opposed to actual actions are killing our children? This insanity must stop. #GunReformNow #GunSense @MomsDemand
Again. Heartbreaking and infuriating #GunSense https://t.co/c2J1YgnXjf
So proud to have your support! #MDPolitics https://t.co/hzVHDajnNC
@shannonrwatts @NRATV He blocked me ages ago, the little snowflake😂😂😂

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