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A proud Montgomery County resident and public school parent, Mila is a champion for universal healthcare at the state level, for protecting a woman’s right to choose, preserving our precious environmental resources, and increasing funding for our public schools.

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Incumbent delegates called vulnerable with three open seats in MoCo legislative District 18 https://t.co/OhoVRA2RPC #MDpolitics
@phanson1253 @MomsDemand As am I!
Godspeed Barbara. May your memory be a blessing. https://t.co/J8Q5xYXFUM
May his memory be a blessing. https://t.co/nZAQm3jBDw
@AllisonforMD I'm liking the "out with the old, in with the new" part ;-) #FlipTheFirst https://t.co/PORfTsdKwE
@misscherryjones She's got class, that one
I will miss this woman so much! https://t.co/6oZZy87beH
And this is happening now, at another school in Maryland! What in the hell is WRONG with people?! https://t.co/f8Jk360Jgw
GOOD. https://t.co/Z1sUZe8nwa
@JeremyBernfeld Silver Creek Middle School in Kensington, MD. Feel free to email me at milajohnsD18@gmail.com.
I just received an email from my daughter's school notifying us that "yesterday...a student had reportedly talked about 'shooting up' the school." This is frankly terrifying. And it's why I'm so dedicated to @MomsDemand and #GunSenseNow #MdPolitics
You can watch the Council hearing live at https://t.co/23krKkOiSW Montgomery council to vote on funding lawyers for immigrants facing deportation https://t.co/QGphIqz2eD

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