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A proud Montgomery County resident and public school parent, Mila is a champion for universal healthcare at the state level, for protecting a woman’s right to choose, preserving our precious environmental resources, and increasing funding for our public schools.

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Please join @MomsDemand MD Chapter tomorrow for this crucial and timely event exploring the well-established link between Domestic Violence and Mass Shootings. https://t.co/BmmPXOHLyn #GunControlNow #MDpolitics
I haven't shared this photo before, but National Run for Office Day seems like the perfect time! I officially filed for the MD House of Delegates on June 14 (Flag Day) because of family symbolism - and I took my grandmother with me in spirit! #RunForSomething #TeamMilaD18 https://t.co/D24zZqrK7E
Happy 2nd Birthday to Pimm, the best #sheepadoodle and #servicedog in-training that ever was! He can now officially begin his balance and mobility training work! https://t.co/6QWdYm6J9c
It's wonderful to see Montgomery County stepping up and heading our state in this crucial social and economic justice issue! #MDPolitics #FIghtfor15 https://t.co/M9o5JwwZJ1
What fine company to be in.... /sarcasm https://t.co/fNH2aavWkb
That's completely unacceptable @wamu885! Talk about not knowing your audience.... https://t.co/JBTpK0A2RH
You're killing me here Spencer! Do I at least have til 7pm EST or do I need to brace for this in the middle of a political event? https://t.co/ilokyRXs35
Proud to have been able to share my #Medicaid story at #NAMD2017 yesterday! https://t.co/pqWZYzBLwo
And CNN just called Virginia for @RalphNortham! What a night! #Election2017
CONGRATULATIONS @pwcdanica!!! #History #VirginiaElection https://t.co/5NqEVMiQ28
@TheRickWilson @RalphNortham As sickening as that is, it's likely true 😞

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