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A proud Montgomery County resident and public school parent, Mila is a champion for universal healthcare at the state level, for protecting a woman’s right to choose, preserving our precious environmental resources, and increasing funding for our public schools.

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Happy Hanukkah from the Johns-Ellis clan! Pimm has been very good and not even tried to eat the dreidel or the gelt! Alannah, however, has already put quite a dent in the latter 😉 https://t.co/atDr9C06f9
Women's Caucus Happy Hour, a fabulous bipartisan event connecting MD female legislators with local advocates, activists, &candidates! This photo is MoCo-heavy, but a special shout-out for those who came all the way from Charles, Harford, & Cecil Counties! #MDpolitics https://t.co/32mhtxEYJV
2/2 and something I couldn't catch was transcribed as 'hell yeahs' as well as "One of the best aspects of wine is the socialist aspect" 😂😂😂 #MDpolitics
1/2 The live closed-captioning of the MoCo Delegation's Public Hearing on Local Bills is TERRIBLE from an accessibility perspective, but also hysterical because <5 minutes in '10 bill to discuss' has already become '10 kills to discuss' #MDpolitics
Being a grad student was hard enough without the #GOPTaxScam let's not make it harder for students in order to fund tax cuts for the 1% #MDpolitics https://t.co/G1oiXCfEnp
Because that worked out so well a few decades ago, but with race.... It's 2017 and your religious beliefs don't trump civil rights! #AreYouFreakingKiddingMe https://t.co/gyEDvczWYo
@RepRaskin @SenatorCardin @VanHollenForMD You guys know what to do! https://t.co/O7eJcudy7o
Maryland's LGBTQ Democratic community turned out to welcome DNC CEO Jess O'Donnell to the state's political community #MDpolitics #TeamMilaD18 https://t.co/XSoSbQ5PB0
The level of complete and utter horrifficness of this cannot be overstated. What must be wrong with someone, how absolutely twisted must they be to even concieve of such a thing, let alone script & execute this travesty. If nothing else, this speaks volumes about Moore & his ilk https://t.co/oKuBY0oVOM
I was so thrilled to be @MocoMillennial's first guest! #MDpolitics #Resist https://t.co/w0KaoxARJS
Thread worth reading, from an expert. https://t.co/wwuy2nXhcj

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