About Mila

A lifelong Marylander, Mila Johns was born and raised in Baltimore City. She currently lives in the Town of Chevy Chase with her husband, Devin Ellis. Mila and Devin have an 11-year-old daughter named Alannah, who is a sixth grader at the new Silver Creek Middle School in Kensington. Their family is rounded out by Pimm, a Sheepadoodle who is a service dog-in-training.

I believe our state can keep making progress despite the poisonous climate in national politics

Mila worked as a researcher and terrorism analyst at the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism before turning down a job vetting Syrian refugees for the Trump administration. She has been a longstanding activist for reproductive justice, domestic violence awareness, and expanding access to healthcare.


Why I’m Running


I am running for delegate because I believe that we need to continue District 18’s history of sending champions for a strong progressive agenda to represent us in Annapolis. I am running because I believe that access to healthcare for every citizen of Maryland is a human right; Montgomery County has made huge strides to making this a reality and we need to achieve similar gains state-wide.

I am running to ensure that a woman’s control over her own body and future is fully protected in this state, to keep faith with our working families, and to fight to make a world class education accessible to every child in Maryland.

I am running because I believe our state can keep making progress despite the poisonous climate in national politics, despite governor Hogan’s attempts to drag Maryland to the right. I believe we can, and we must develop a tax-based carbon offset strategy to combat climate change and protect the Bay, fully legalize marijuana, allow terminally-ill Marylanders the option to choose Death with Dignity, and invest in smart growth.

I am also running as the parent of a child attending Montgomery County Public Schools. We cannot allow the governor to continue cutting every penny of non-mandated funding for education. I believe it is critical to invest more in schools everywhere in the state, and to make funding the Geographic Cost of Education Index a statutory requirement, not a discretionary item.

I love our community, and am so proud of the progressive values that D18 has always supported in Annapolis. I want to be your voice, and your champion to keep that tradition strong!

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